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CD Security 5.2 5.2

CD Security 5.2 5.2

CD Security 5.2 Publisher's Description

keep overview about your CD-collection. CD Security establishes order in your CD-collection. With the shareware you can manage CDs, DVDs, discettes and every other kind of data medium like mini-discs or video-tapes. * For Windows: o 2000/XP * Extras: o changeable graphic of the surface o program to configure own surfaces o input assistance for CDS content v2.0 o russian virtual keyboard o support from Freedb o user-defined menu The search as well as the borrowing will be facilitated. CD Security also supports the Internet audio database which contains all the information e.g.: CD name, track information etc. This database includes the most audio-CDs. From the archival data you can make a secure duplicate anytime. So even after a reinstallation the local database is still available. CD Security Tools Additionally the download contains three useful helper applications: With CDS Skin Maker you create in a trice your own surfaces for CD Security. CDS content supports you to enrol audio data, mp3-files, data-CDs or other archival data media. The one who has russian material in his collection will be satisfied with the Russian V Key. This virtual keyboard facilitates the input of Cyrillic letters. Put an arbitrary audio CD in your CD-ROM and let analyze its content with one click of the mouse button. After the first reading the software attempts to connect the free db-database via Internet. If the program finds the title of your CD there, the local database will capture the author as well as the name of every single track. For data medium with other content, perhaps software, CD Security offers an applicatory surface for manual input of the relevant data. Whenever you lend a CD, you can note it in the appropriate data record. So you know anytime which CD you have lent to whom and at what time, so that you can avoid time-consuming search in your own collection. As following you can register an audio-CD in the database very easily: 1. Start CD Security. 2. Choose the desirable category in your menu (menu-entry such as: audio) 3. Put the audio-CD in your CD-ROM. 4. Click in the menu of database at new 5. Choose then the option audio disc and click next. 6. Now choose only the drive (CD-ROM) and the option track title then click next repeatedly. 7. Immediately CD Security attempts to connect the Internet audio database to find out what CD you put in and what songs are on it. Although you put a mp3 disc in your CD-ROM, CD Security tries to find out the Id3v day, asserting when and from which person this mp3 file was published. If it does not succeed, you can enrol this information yourself.

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